Let’s craft your personal artist brand.


People don't just buy your artwork; they buy your story. 

I help artists transform into personal brands that deliver compelling experiences. My proven approach combines my art historical expertise and an intuitive understanding of you and your artist brand's personality to help grow emotional connections with your audience.


This all-inclusive done-for-you package includes:

Deep Dive Into You & Your Artwork Interview

During a 60-minute online video interview, I'll get to know you and your artwork, and we will get clarity on your distinctive artist brand story. See your work in a new light as we build your artist brand story. Connect more authentically and uniquely with your audience and collectors through exploring the "why" behind your artwork and art practice.

Unedited Video Interview

Ever wish the camera was rolling when you said that great quote about your artwork or art practice? Luckily, our interview is recorded, and all those juicy bits are saved for you. You receive an unedited copy of the video interview for you to use. Cut and edit the best parts for use on your website, social media, PR, with your gallery, anywhere where you want to share your artist brand story. The interview is an important reference for your artist archive and a useful resource for compelling quotes by you about your artwork.

The Interview Transcript 

At a loss for words describing your art? No worries, just pull out the transcript of our interview, and easily cut and paste your best quotes into social media posts, press packets, marketing materials, emails, and more. The transcript of the 60-minute video is a valuable addition to your artist archive. Add it to your website under resources for collectors, curators, art historians, and gallerists to access it easily. 

Artist Bio

 Writing your artist bio is challenging for most artists. What do you add? How long should it be? I draw upon my experience as a curator and art historian in writing your artist bio. Add it to your website, give it to curators, gallerists, or include it in your press packet. 

Artist Statement

Your artist statement is one of the most important ways that you connect with your followers, collectors, gallerists, and curators. It is also one of the hardest things for artists to do. Let me write your one-page artist statement drawing upon our interview, my art historical expertise, and extensive research. 

The artist statement positions your work and clarifies your message. It gives your viewer an insight into your work, a way to see and interpret your work.

The artist statement is about your work while your bio is about you. Your About page is about what you bring to your audience, the" why they should buy your work" as told through your unique brand story.

Use it on your artist statement on your website, give it to curators, gallerists, and include it in your press packet.

Website Home Page

Your Home Page is like your store front window. Think about all the effort and money big name retail brands like Macy's and Bloomingdale's spend creating engaging window displays. They want people to stop, linger and eventually come into their store. Your Home Page is no different but it is often the most underutilized page on your site.

Let me clarify your message, get viewers to engage with the rest of your site, and help viewers find what they are looking for with clear concise copy that highlights your brand story.

Leverage opt-ins and build your list with well placed sign up forms throughout your site.

Stand out from the crowd with a home page that highlights what you have to offer your audience.

Website About Page

Don't leave relaying your artist brand story to chance. Let me identify your unique artist brand story and help you convey it in a compelling way that puts your audience and collectors at the forefront. No more boring artist about page for you. Instead, your followers will be eager to be part of your journey as they connect with your unique artist brand story.

This is different than your aritst bio. Your About page lets your collectors, followers, and others take center stage. It is about how your brand story helps them. The mistake many artists make with their about page is to make it all about their personal art journey. While interesting, that isn't necessarily what will move your follower to buy.

Let me leverage your brand story with compelling copy that engages and connects with your audience in a more powerful way.

Social Media Bios

Stand out with social media bios that succinctly and effectively relay your unique artist brand story. Receive bios written specifically for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, the most useful social media sites for artists. Also included are suggestions on what links to use in your bios and when to change them.

All 8 services for:



Holly Wilson, Jennifer C. Vigil, C.N. Gorman Museum
Nora Naranjo-Morse, Jennifer C. Vigil, Eiteljorg Fellowship for Native American Fine Art 2003


Jennifer C Vigil

First, I listen.

I’ll start with a video interview with you to understand you, your artwork, your brand, and needs. Here we’ll highlight what makes you and your art unique, and define key opportunities to share your artist brand story with your followers and collectors.  

Then, I learn.

Together, we’ll talk about your audience to learn how to best portray YOU and your artwork, then I’ll use the power of imagery and words to define your artist brand’s personality and position your work in a larger art historical context.  

Lastly, we tell.

What I learn sets the foundation for ideas that I incorporate in the writing of your bio, artist statement, About Page, and social media bios. We’ll build upon these ideas to create a cohesive, compelling brand story that leads the way to success in your art career. 


I’m Jennifer Vigil.

I'm an artist, art historian, curator, and artist mentor. I love connecting with artists like you helping you get clarity on your unique story, your secret sauce that makes you stand out from other artists. 

My special gift is getting you to talk about your work and see your work in ways you haven't before. My obsession is helping artists like you connect with your followers and collectors through your unique brand story, so you can make a living doing what you love--making art. 

The truth is, I know that you would rather be in the studio instead of at your computer. That's why I take the pain out of sharing your brand story by putting my Ph.D. in art history to work for you doing all the writing.

Over the past 20 years, I have helped arists, like you write compelling and clear artist statements, get clarity on what their work is really about, understand where their work fits in a larger art historical context, and challenged them to discover the "why" of their work. Ultimately, their personal artist brand story emerges, making it easier for them to connect on a deeper level with their collectors. 

So you are absolutely in the right place if you are ready to jump in and get clarity on your artist brand story and leverage it to connect more authentically with your audience!

Jennifer Vigil

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